News Update

Replacement Nest Box

On Sunday 15th August the team relaced an old nest box in Chorlton, South Wirral with one of our new ECO boxes purchased from the Barn Owl Centre.


The box replaces the one which produced 2 healthy chicks this year and was funded by a very generous lady in memory of her late mother.

Good News

Some of you may remember that we had a crisis at one of our pole boxes last month, where the chicks were clearly overheated in that spell of hot weather.

The Wirral Barn Owl Trust and the landowner took various steps to alleviate the problem over several days. The box was checked again on Sunday (15th) and we are pleased to report that all 3 chicks have survived and are now nearly ready to fledge.

Thank You

We are extremely grateful to our supporters for their generosity and to our dedicated team of volunteers, without whose help these operations would not be possible.

Kind Regards

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News Update

Landowner’s Feedback

These chicks were ‘ringed’ on 30th June 2021, at one of our nest boxes and this morning we received an update from the landowner:

Hi steve
I spent some time at dusk last night with John watching the boxes.
There were 3 barn owls,  maybe those chicks,  flying round near the old shed.

They seem to be roosting in there!

Two Tawny owls are also in the vicinity.

A good result this year I think!


It was great to find 3 chicks in the box with a stash of food, it is even more gratifying to receive feedback from the landowner.

Kind regards

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The Hot Weather – Has It’s Drawbacks

3 Barn Owl Chicks – Rescued from unbearable heat 

Yesterday our members rescued 3 Barn Owl chicks that were panting in a very hot nest box in Mollington. All three were given water to drink (by pipette) and were bathed in a shallow water bath. Over 20 extra ventilation hours were drilled in the box and a  water bath was placed inside. We’ll be back to check on them as the hot weather continues.



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