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Welcome to 2021 we hope the New Year is a Peaceful and Healthy one for you and your families.

Once again we find ourselves in lockdown and unable to carry out nest box monitoring or maintenance work, so more than ever we are grateful for your sightings.

The popularity of our ‘Live Stream’, from the Barn Owl nest box, continues to grow thanks to Jamie at ‘The Nest Box’, and we hope that those of you who are in confinement can take some comfort from watching our resident female Barn Owl.

URL: Male Returns

Her male friend continues to visit but she is still not receptive to his advances, although it is encouraging that he is still in the area and we hope they will get together again this year.

This year we will be ordering new nest boxes made from a material called Stokboard from the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester and replacing some of the dilapidated ones when we are allowed.

Take good care and stay safe



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News Update for Christmas

Male Owl Returns

Earlier this month the male partner of our resident female Barn Owl visited to check in and see how she was, he has been nesting away since the last brood fledged.


In the New Year when the breeding season begins hopefully she will invite him back to the nest and they will breed for what will be their 4th consecutive season.



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Christmas Message


Apologies for the previous ‘Christmas Greeting’ emails but the video didn’t appear to work as it should.

Please use the following link to play the video.

Christmas Greeting

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