Wildlife CrimeWirral Barn Owl Trust is not aligned to any political party and nothing we say, either on this website or on social media, is intended to be seen as a party-political statement.  That said, we work very hard, as a voluntary conservation group, spending our own time and money to protect and support Barn Owls and we feel we are entitled to take a strong stand against those who seek to harm the natural environment.  In particular, we fully support the statutory and non-statutory agencies and charities that work together to combat wildlife crime.
Wildlife CrimeBirders Against Wildlife Crime (BAWC) is an independent, volunteer-led, campaign group set up in 2014 by a group of experienced birders and conservationists who just like you are sick of the number of crimes being committed against wildlife.  Please spend a few minutes visiting our website www.birdersagainst.org to find out more.  Please follow them on Twitter @birdersagainst

Wildlife Crime

For far too long, Wildlife Criminals have got away with illegally killing or illegally disturbing our wildlife in plain sight and without any real fear of being caught and brought to justice. Why? Like you I was sick of feeling useless, I wanted things to change but sitting getting angry and cross about it wasn’t going to change anything. I had to find a way to make a difference and I wanted to put the power back into our hands. After spending weeks reading through wildlife crime news reports and information  I realised that alone I couldn’t really make enough of a difference but together we could plug the gaps and really make a change.  Please take a few minutes to find out more www.wildlifecrimeaware.org.  Follow us on Twitter at @wildcrimeaware