As the lockdown continues the need for Barn Owl sightings becomes ever more important to us, so when the restrictions are lifted, and we can get back to monitoring we have a better understanding of where to start.


  1. Exact Location
  2. Time & Date
  3. Behaviour, hunting, perched, carrying prey etc.
  4. Flight direction

With just a brief view, it’s not always easy to absorb every detail of the sighting. Any information of the sighting would be most welcome.

Would you please contact us through the website and complete/submit the ‘sighting form’ in the Barn Owls tab.

Of course we are not advocating that you leave home to look for Barn Owls, but some of you may be fortunate enough to have nest boxes on your land, may hear the distinctive screeching/hissing noise they make, or you may see one in flight.

May I thank you in advance for any information you forward and hopefully we will be back monitoring in the not to distant future.

Stay safe

Neil Eaton

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One Response to SIGHTING

  1. Mark Elliott says:

    Barn Owl sighting in Burton (CH645TH) in the fields behind houses on The Village (Dunstan Lane) and between the Gladstone Village Hall and Mudhouse Lane At 9pm on Friday 17th July 2020. It was flying around the field looking for prey. Occasionally it would drop to the ground and fly off more or less immediately and on one occasion it dropped and stayed on the ground out of sight for about a minute before taking off again and continuing. After about 10 minutes it perched on a fence post near a small tree in the field approx 4 feet off the ground and stayed there for about 5 minutes.

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