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It is a waste of time, effort and money erecting nest boxes if the location and local habitat are unsuitable for Barn Owls. 

Unless the structure of the box provides a baffle to protect the nest chamber from wind and rain, the entrance to the box should face away from the prevailing north-west wind. 

A proper site survey should be undertaken by someone with the necessary experience who can give advice.  We will happily do this for you, free of charge.  Please ring 07840 623453 or contact us by email at info@wirralbarnowltrust.org

The installation of pole nest boxes, in particular, is difficult and dangerous and should not be attempted without proper planning and assistance. 

The latest nest box designs used by Wirral Barn Owl Trust are adapted from the designs and specifications of the Devon-based Barn Owl Trust.
Wirral Barn Owl Trust welcomes suggestions for the siting of Barn Owl nest boxes on the Wirral Peninsula.In all cases, we are more than happy to give guidance & advice, and also make Wirral peninsula site survey visits, which are free of charge.

Barn Owl nest boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be adapted where required, but basically consist of three types:

A-frame box:  usually fitted to a single hedgerow tree but can also be used on the outside of a suitable building.
Interior box:  originally these were adapted from a tea chest but this design has improved features.
Pole box:  where no suitable tree or building can be found in an area where there is suitable habitat, a nest box can be installed on a recycled telegraph pole.  These boxes are relatively expensive and are difficult to install and maintain so we use them as a last resort.